As a private label cosmetics manufacturing company,we helped over 3000 beauty brands
around the world.Our service teams are working closely with our customers,
many of whom grow up from small start-up to big brands.
If you are planing to start your new cosmetic business or are looking for vendor,
we can help you.

Cosmetic powder

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Rich Product Range

Our products fulfill lips,face, eyes,
makeup tools, eyelash and skin care etc,
etc, over 30 types total 700+ different products.
You have more choices from us,no matter
how you only add logo for productc or do
a diy palette/lip or create your own whole
new product,we will help you acheive it
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Various Private Label Printing Techniques

We offer various types of printing techniques,
such as hot stamp printing,3D printing, silk
screen printing.
lt lowers the entrance barrier to have your
own hiqh quality makeup brand, within
limited initial investment.
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Customized Serive

Our customized service is not only to help you
print your logo, but also to design your logo,
the outer packaging, the formula and colorof
the product.
Customized Serive
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Shipping Service

About shipping,you can choose our Standard
Shippingor Vip shipping,Standard shipping is
cheaper than Vip shipping,also it will be slower
than Vip shipping,and if you don't mind the
delivery time and save more budget,we also
support shipping by sea.
Shipping Service
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Efficient Private Customer Service

As long as you come to our website, we will
arrange private customer service for you.
lf you don't know how to place an order on
our website, or have any questions about our
products, as well as after-sales problems, our
private customer service will help you.

Cosmetic powder

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