Cosmetics Research And Development

Is cosmetics research and development very profitable, after all, the products are so expensive? I always see that the products are substandard on the Internet. Is the cosmetics deep? Is there a future in this business? How big an industry is, thousands of companies are constantly changing every day, and I have been in the industry for a few years. I can only give you a reference based on what I know, hoping to give some experience to the more confused children who want to enter our business.

Is it very profitable to make cosmetics?

In fact, this is a very good question. It is only natural to make money from work. If I talk about dreams, I don’t want to tell you. The first question is whether to make money from work or not. So is it profitable? If you want to do research and development, then the salary is lower than you think! Many people do not believe that cosmetics are very easy to produce luxury goods. A good bottle of essence costs one or two thousand. You are doing research and development. Can such a high-tech thing be low in salary? Speaking of this problem, it is really bitter and helpless. It’s really low, and we don’t want it either. Next, I want to expose the unknown situation in our industry. The cosmetics industry is an industry with very low R&D investment. Compared with the fraternal pharmaceutical industry, the low R&D investment is unpopular. The R&D investment in the cosmetics industry usually accounts for 1 to 3% of the company’s. That is, the company spent 10 million this year, of which the total amount of formula development, purchase of raw materials and products is only 100,000 to 300,000. And 70% of the R&D investment of pharmaceutical companies is the case, that is, if a pharmaceutical company invests 500,000 a year, its R&D investment is more than that of the 10 million company.

The cosmetics industry is not high-tech

If you did scientific research in the laboratory when you were a student, your senior brother and sister told you at that time, or when you were looking for a job, you wanted to learn about scientific research and R&D, a person with innovative R&D capabilities Most companies have a title: National High-tech Enterprise. In fact, it is not difficult to apply for national high-tech enterprises. You can check the qualifications online, it’s really not difficult. However, once the national high-tech enterprises are recognized, the state will have a lot of subsidies, such as subsidies, such as paying less taxes. How many cosmetic companies have this title? Let’s take Guangdong as an example. As the province with the largest number of cosmetic R&D and production enterprises in China, Guangdong has more than 2,000 enterprises and less than 200 enterprises have high-tech certification. It can be seen that the technological level of the cosmetics industry is not as powerful as everyone thinks, and even lower than some other R&D industries, such as pharmaceutical companies, such as new material research and development companies, and it is estimated that this status quo will not be changed in the next 100 years. The above mentioned are cosmetic product manufacturers, and cosmetic raw materials companies are also. For example, butanediol and glycerin are the most common humectants in cosmetics. Almost all the glycerin and butylene glycol in the cosmetics we buy are produced abroad. Friends who have studied chemical synthesis will be surprised. Can’t China make a glycerin by itself? It’s not that it can’t be made, it’s that it can’t be made so cheap and with such good quality.

Is the cosmetic water deep?

If you care about skin care and are used to looking at some more “professional” skin care experts, or some cross-borders such as doctors’ public accounts, you will find out why skin care products are always substandard. For example, today there are 30 masks that are substandard. A few days later, there were a few unqualified sunscreens. Cosmetics are so expensive and there are so many substandards. Does the Chinese government care about it? In fact, there are two reasons for this. One is rumors. Many of the news published more than ten years ago are still being cooked. It is also said that what is happening now is not the government’s care, but the government’s control. This is a three-year national random inspection of three categories: whitening and facial masks. The failure rate is actually not high, and it is getting better every year. Products made by formal companies are unlikely to go wrong. What’s more, there are problems often mentioned in cosmetics, which are related to packaging labels and so on. For those doctors who have always liked to pour dirty water on cosmetics (a small number of doctors who like to walk acupuncture points), if the medicine and food are not qualified, it is only a lot more. If you want to enter a more transparent industry, cosmetics is good, because the nature of fast-moving consumer goods determines that the cosmetics industry will only become more and more transparent and less and less water.

Is there a future for cosmetics?

This question is not easy to answer, this is to compare the cosmetics industry with all other industries. There is no research in this area. I can only say so. The annual turnover of the cosmetics industry is maintaining a good growth, but it does not mean that you have a good future when you come in, or that there will be more and more companies with hundreds of millions of dollars. As I said before, cosmetics are fast-moving consumer goods. The growth of a company or brand must be related to consumer preferences. Therefore, it must be very hard to please consumers. For example, one of my classmates worked in a pharmaceutical company to develop resistance Cancer drugs, then their company does not need to buy the face of consumers at all. They only use one mind to do research and development. If you like to buy or not, the company will usually not have much change. The foundation of cosmetics companies lies in consumers, and the changes of consumers are uncertain. Although we try to find out what consumers like, this effort has only a small part of the effect. Therefore, the birth of an excellent company and the decline of an excellent company It is common in cosmetics. But as a cosmetics engineer (also called a formulator), this is the same as other tens of thousands of technical industries, and the accumulation of technical personnel is the guarantee of your future. If you are capable, you must be able to afford it.

Is it difficult to develop cosmetics?

This is actually determined by the company you work for. Some companies only need to make a formula for the research and development of cosmetics. It is much more difficult for some companies to understand the regulations and knowledge of dermatology in the research and development of cosmetics. For some cosmetics research and development, you must understand the above, rheology, chemical synthesis, toxicology, instrumental analysis, patent issuance, and English thesis. . . . Such a request depends on this headache. Cosmetics involves many disciplines, and cosmetics research and development is an emerging field. Here, the people who study extensively are talents, and those who study well are also talents. As long as you work hard, there will be results.

Finally, cosmetics are rarely a chemical but non-toxic industry.

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