Four Major Beauty and Personal Care Trends in 2021


In a world still deeply affected by the covid-19 pandemic, however, vaccines offer real hope for a better future, with consumers looking forward to returning to normal while reassessing their expectations for cosmetics and personal care products. The recent period has also led most of them to try new retail channels and enhance the ethical expectations of the brand.

In a recent report, organizations have announced four key consumption trends that will affect the global beauty and personal care industry in 2021.

Beautiful mind: brands have the opportunity to build normality by using products that protect, bring value and rebuild trust in their daily activities.
"Successful brands that emphasize the use of beauty routines to fight stress and anxiety will bring long-term value to consumers. Brands will need to develop strategies for third-party experts to educate consumers about the future of overall health through self-care that touches on physical and mental relationships, "said Sharon Kwek, deputy director of global beauty and personal care at inmate.

Beauty re (valuable): product functionality and usage will drive usage as spending needs to be carefully examined. Value will be measured in terms of quality, convenience and impact rather than money.

While experience will become more valuable than tangible products, brands that want to encourage consumers to trade in will need to redefine value, not just cost, but through the impact of purchase.
Channel changer: a strong e-commerce strategy will enable the brand to win with a truly Omni channel approach, thus breaking the boundaries, absorbing all senses and providing a new digital experience.

"Brands will need to develop strategies to drive business to private brand sites that advocate authenticity and challenge large markets that have not yet provided clear supply chain transparency," Kwek added.

Beauty ecological solutions: as consumers get rid of the limitations of covid-19, they will reassess their priorities through ecological ethical considerations to promote more purchases.
As many consumers will continue to shop locally instead of focusing on price, it will be an important long-term strategy to work with and support local businesses.

"The next development of cleanliness will be to meet the needs of conscious and attentive beauty consumers who focus on avoiding excessive risk inside and outside the box by combining ethics with safety," Sharon Kwek concluded

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