Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Makeup Online

How do I start my own online makeup store?

Figure out what kind of makeup you want to sell online and how many products you want in your collection. Then identify your target market of people who would find value in your products. Determine your differentiator, find a manufacturer, obtain a permit, create your inventory, choose an ecommerce platform, and launch your website. We recommend spending more time on finding your ideal market and market differentiator before preparing your inventory.

Do I need a license to sell cosmetics online?

You don’t need a federally recognized license to sell cosmetics online in the U.S. However, you will need FDA approval if your products contain color additives. Some locations require additional licensing. Since these regulations can vary, it’s important to understand the local laws in both your business location and where your products will be shipped.

Is selling makeup a good business?

Cosmetics have remained a profitable product consistently over the years. While consumers always want makeup, there are more options available to them now. Shoppers are becoming more conscious about the products they purchase. Make sure the makeup you sell online addresses all their concerns, has a differentiator from what’s already available to them, and is priced competitively.

How do you price beauty products?

Pricing beauty and cosmetics products depends on your target market. To calculate a profitable price you need to know the cost of your raw materials plus packaging and overhead. Multiply that by 5 or 6 to get a good idea for the retail price. If you want to sell wholesale, divide your retail price in half. Test from there to see what resonates.

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