Marketing Challenges Facing The Cosmetics Industry

1.Changes in marketing methods promote management upgrades

The marketing method has undergone major changes, from the original offline marketing to online and offline simultaneous marketing, and the influence of online marketing on a brand is increasing. Mere advertising has been difficult to attract consumers' attention, how to achieve penetration marketing is the key to marketing. With the development of the Internet, the past marketing experience is no longer fully applicable today. The changes in marketing methods promote the upgrading of management. Management must keep up with the pace of the times and adapt to the latest needs.

2.Post-90s become the main force of grassroots managers and consumption

With the generational switching of the main young consumer groups, the post-90s generation has become the main consumer force in the cosmetics industry. Post-90s tend to consume more perceptually and like online shopping. According to data, in online consumption, post-90s and post-95s contribute nearly 50% of sales. The purchase intention and consumption upgrade of cosmetics will also further promote the prosperity of the cosmetics industry. development of.

As the post-90s become the primary managers of enterprises, they have a better understanding of the consumption habits and behaviors of post-90s, their marketing methods are updated, and they can quickly insight into the marketing direction. However, they are relatively weak in management, such as warehouse storage. Prediction, risk management and so on.

3.Multipolar consumption and low customer loyalty

The loyalty of customers in the cosmetics industry is relatively low. "Trace to the source and grow against the trend: GROW 2.0 Brand Digital Growth Solution and Application" mentioned that the Bain China Consumer Report combined with online and offline global data has found that: Beauty (Including skin care products and color cosmetics) category consumers have outstanding characteristics of "two minds".

The higher the frequency of consumption, the more obvious the multi-brand preference. The multi-polarization of consumption has caused serious loss of customers. For brands in the cosmetics industry, the importance of enhancing consumer penetration is more prominent than cultivating loyal consumers.

High-income consumers tend to choose high-end department stores with elegant environments;
Mid-range income customers are more willing to accept professional beauty salons with a tasteful store image;
Low-income people prefer large and medium-sized supermarkets with one-stop shopping and low-price discounts.

4.Good and bad products are uneven

There are many types of cosmetics on the market, and the quality of the products varies. The news that cosmetics are found to contain heavy metals is common. Coupled with the exaggerated publicity of cosmetics by some manufacturers, consumers are even more unbelievable. Consumers are more inclined to products that they have used or recommended by friends. When a new brand appears on the market or a brand launches a new product, it is difficult to gain the trust of customers. How to promote new product marketing becomes a major marketing problem.

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