How To Choose The Color Of Lipstick

We know that color has three basic attributes, also known as the three elements of color, namely hue (H), saturation/purity (S) and lightness (B).

Generally speaking, the purpose of our lipstick is to make the complexion look better, that is, to make the color of the lips more vivid and more prominent on the face, referred to as “showing complexion”. Gao Zan’s answer is actually a similar selection idea. Here is a three-element perspective: people with dark skin are suitable for dark lipstick, people with light skin are suitable for lighter lipstick; people with warm skin are suitable for warm colors Lipstick, cool lipstick is suitable for people with cold skin tone.

Here is an interlude of my inspiration: For male students who are inconvenient to ask their girlfriends about their skin color, there is a safe method. That is, steal a bottle of her most commonly used foundation, find the brand and color number, open the link of the same paragraph in the corresponding online store, and you can find the corresponding skin color in the baby details.


It seems that light skin tones are always compatible with darker lipsticks. In short, choosing a lipstick that is brighter and darker than your own skin tone is the safest match. If the skin color itself is grayish, try to avoid choosing high-saturation colors.

It is said that the so-called slogan numbers suitable for “spring and summer” or “autumn and winter” also have their own rules. In spring and summer, we tend to wear lighter, lighter, and more pure clothes, so the color of the matching lipstick is lighter and purer, and the texture is lighter; autumn and winter clothes are generally thicker, darker, and pure On the low side, lipsticks with a darker color and a grayer texture will be more suitable.

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