Popular Science About The Texture Of Lipstick

Matte texture, creamy texture, lip gloss, lipstick, lip glaze… how to distinguish these? Which texture is the most durable and which texture is the most moisturizing?


Today, I will take a look at the texture (part of) of lipstick, so that everyone can know when choosing lipstick.

Matte is the most common texture of lipsticks. Generally speaking, “Matte” and “Velvet” appear in the English name, which means that the matte lipstick has not run away. Its surface reflectivity is low, and it does not seem to have any glossiness. To put it simply and crudely , Is just one word, “dry”.
The advantages of matte lipsticks are generally high color rendering, full color, less oily ingredients in the lipstick, so it has good durability, is not easy to stain or decolor, and the makeup effect is very retro. The disadvantage is that it is obvious Lip lines are dry and uncomfortable to use. It is also difficult to remove. Matte lipstick is divided into two types: solid matte lipstick and liquid matte lip glaze. The most popular matte lipstick in history is MAC bullet.


Before talking about the cream texture, let’s take a little bit of science on the Satin (silk satin) texture. As the name suggests, it is a shiny texture like silk satin. It is much moisturized than matte lipstick and has great color rendering. Put a texture comparison chart. Feel it, everyone.


The cream texture is thicker than the silk satin texture, with a kind of oily feeling, and the gloss is weaker than the silk satin texture.

liquid lipsticks

Color rendering, durability, and moisturizing are all good. The upper mouth has a slight gloss, but it will not reflect light under the lens. There is no obvious disadvantage. It should be the most comfortable texture to use.

Many people can’t distinguish the two textures of pearl and sequins. In fact, there is not much difference between the two. It can be understood as pearly = fine glitter, sequin = large glitter, one is delicate and natural, and the other is more high-profile.
Let’s talk about pearl first. Many lipstick series will have several pearl colors, such as YSL’s mirror light lip glaze #109, the famous mermaid color, which is the number one net red in pearl lipstick

It is peach pink + golden glitter, and the sparkling effect makes people kneel and hand in the wallet (but now you can’t buy it if you have money).

The texture of glitter (Glitter) is bolder, generally only appearing on the runway and stage makeup. The high-density large glitter is very eye-catching, but there are not many products of this texture. First, it is really unusual and basically no one controls it. Come on, the general public can’t get the beauty. Second, big sequins can easily expose lip defects, such as thick lips and drooping corners of the mouth. The big sequins are more obvious. If you are not a supermodel, it is better to take a detour. Please detour.

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