The Things You Need To Know To Succeed In Makeup Industry

The turnover of the global cosmetics industry exceeds half a trillion dollars. What if they want to start a successful cosmetics business? What does it take to succeed as an executive in a large cosmetics brand?

It is a great honor to interview some leaders who have successfully launched cosmetics business or executives of large cosmetics brands. We also did our best to absorb the voices of many color leaders and executives.

We ask each of them to share their "five things you need to know to succeed in the modern cosmetics industry".

This is the focus of their thinking.

Monica Arnaudo of Ulta Beauty

1. Customers are always first. It's simple (and powerful): "If you take good care of your customers, sales will follow." If every decision is guided by "the best way for customers", we will continue to win affinity and loyalty.

2. Be agile. The cosmetics industry is changing rapidly. Trends are developing, and consumers seek the next product or service. It is important to maintain flexibility and make the guest the core of decision-making. When digital local brands began to gain attention, we quickly determined the need to provide these brands in our stores. New brands such as Morphe, Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop are good examples, and our SPARKED plan fully supports this.

3. Stay educated. With new products, new formulas, new market research, and new social and digital influencers and influencers, it is vital to stay informed and alert. I recalled the example of Millie Bobby Brown who founded Florence. We know that the brand’s core audience consumes media differently-especially at the time of its release in late 2019, they interact very closely with Tik Tok (a newer platform). We created the first Tik Tok campaign to support brand launches and gained valuable insights about the platform and Gen Z audience information that continue to inform our campaigns.

4. Believe in the power of beauty. Helping people to fully express their creativity is not only a job, but also a privilege. This is what makes getting up every day to do this job so exciting. Because cosmetics is a "feel good" industry and everyone wants to feel good, so I often say to people "we have to do this!"

5. Believe in endless possibilities: there are so many roads in the cosmetics industry-you can accept different paths and learn new skills. One of my favorite roles is a business development position (outside my cab). I was able to promote many initiatives for the company, added value to the company and gained incredible knowledge that I still use today.

Lia Dias of Girl Cave LA & Married To Medicine LA

1. Invest in marketing. It's easy to imagine that the marketing budget doesn't need to be stable because the business is in good shape. I find that on the contrary, when I do well, I spend twice as much on marketing, and I always get a return.

2. Honesty cannot be taught. Once someone shows a lack of integrity, cut off contact immediately. I've been insisting on hiring employees, suppliers and contractors for too long because I don't admit it. Once you see it and know it... Move on. If you don't, it will cost you more.

3.Don't be afraid to cooperate. As a new business, I'm worried about attaching my name to other brands. What a fool! It's about finding the right partners and brands to reflect your company's values. When working with the right brand, I get some of the best results.

4. Invest in the development of employees. Training courses, personal development and seminars can be expensive. However, key personnel need to be trained. After finding the right team, please help them grow! It not only improves productivity, but also improves the company's culture.

5. Learn from mistakes quickly. A lot of times, I lost my motivation because I was born for spilled milk. It's a waste of energy and spiritual space. We should learn from it, don't get into trouble, and then rebound.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jerome Alexander

1. First, you must always have innovation. I always use the phrase "America doesn't need other modifiers.". Therefore, in order to succeed, I believe you must be creative and innovative.

2. Put high quality products together. A few years ago, I found in the cosmetics industry that it doesn't cost more to make high-quality products or inferior products. It's all the knowledge of chemists and designers and all the relevant personnel in developing products.

3. Understand your market: choose the demographic information of the customers you want to contact, so that you can really understand the needs of your customers.

4. Makeup doesn't have to cost a lot of money. For example, you can make the world's largest lipstick for $1. You can do a very bad thing. The difference between poor lipstick and gorgeous lipstick is attributed to the skill level of the product maker: the person who makes the lipstick makes sense of what they are doing, style and composition.

5. Five is to use exquisite packaging. Women like their cosmetics to look good. For example, if a woman goes out to eat and wants to take out lipstick or powder, then she wants to produce a nice product. Use the best packaging.

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