Cosmetic Marketing Skills

​There are routines in cosmetics promotion. Excellent promotion allows those who don’t buy to pay for it, and those who plan to buy can buy more. Recall the experience of going to a cosmetics store, do you often just want to go shopping but buy a bunch? But I am very happy to spend money! What skills and routines are there?

1.Experience marketing

A marketing form that creates brand-new beautiful value for customers with experience as the center, through the personal experience and feelings brought by consumers around the product, let people appreciate the material gains and emotional enjoyment of product functions. Generally, it is carried out by serving customers such as trial, trial service, and drinking. Since personalized needs are met, communication and interaction between the two parties are established, so that the functions of the product are quickly accepted by consumers, and a lot of advertising costs are saved. . As the founder of Revlon said: “What we sell is not lipstick, but hope.”

Since its establishment, Shiseido has paid great attention to visual-centric cosmetic experience marketing activities, emphasizing that high-quality products also require a beautiful experience. The company’s marketing activities are not limited to explaining the “material” of cosmetics, but to convey Shiseido’s experience of cosmetic users’ elegant emotions, new beauty awareness, and beautiful female images to users. This is what Shiseido’s 130 years of development has given us. Enlightenment.

2.Unique selling point

To stand out among the many homogenized products, it is necessary to promote the unique selling points and propositions in the positioning, and whether the promised benefits can hit the key. It is about how long a product can go in the market and whether it can leave effective memories for target consumers.

For example, the familiar slogan “Doctor Bai, is to make you white”. When many cosmetics were still ignorant, they clearly put forward their own selling points, which is aimed at removing freckles and makes you white. One sentence will go deep. People’s hearts impressed the sellers.


This is also one of the methods of brand repositioning. When the existing brand image and functional requirements cannot attract the original consumers, look for the target consumers again, that is, look for those who are interested in the benefits provided by the brand. Targeting them can also enable the brand to obtain new development opportunities .

Of course, this requires a full understanding of the product and the market. Otherwise, even if it is repositioned, it will not help if the target is not found.

4.Promotional innovation

Kecai Facial Patch and Eye Patch were launched with the strategy of “China Vichy” when they went on the market. Since then, their performance has been booming, and they have established their status as a domestic brand of Chinese herbal medicine basic skin care. However, with Tibet Honghua and Zeping , Kebel, Ocean Legend, Suer, and other facial masks have come out one after another, which has a great impact on their brands. For this reason, Kebei has adopted a series of innovative promotional methods.

(1) Form of purchase and gift: The main line is “empty box redeem + free trial trial + points redeem”. During the promotion period, you can purchase any product in three large boxes or six small boxes, which can be redeemed for free Pick a small box of products;

(2) Reward redemption activity: During the promotion period, you can participate in the redemption activity with a fixed amount of points to redeem the card. This action immediately attracted a large number of acceptable old users, and also drove new users to try and purchase acceptable products. Once again, it has re-attracted the attention of consumers.

5.Service Marketing

Some cosmetics use the market opportunity of service customization, customer demand-oriented, service innovation as the foundation, and on the basis of revitalizing existing resources, it emphasizes the ability to design products, services, and communication methods for individual customers.

This requires marketers to carefully observe the customers who come to buy, to be able to say the products that consumers need in one sentence, to convince consumers, to highlight their professionalism, and to introduce products to consumers. It generates recognition and buys its own products.


Consider whether a product has marketing advantages and whether its own distinctive publicity methods have a strong impact and lethality on consumers. In addition to seeking publicity breakthroughs in competing products, the key is whether differentiation can be promoted Intercept to highlight the functional extensibility brought by the brand radiation.

The resounding slogan “Go to the countryside” was first put forward by Long Liqi. One yuan a bag of snake ointment attracted a large number of rural consumers, and used this as an opportunity to quickly establish the unique brand characteristics of “affordable, high quality” . A few years later, Longrich has become a sought-after item among rural consumers. Today, this distinctive brand has become an iconic brand of local daily chemicals in China.

Let’s take another look at Soft. Since the launch of the weight loss soap, it has been working hard to shape various “different” concepts, from “seaweed weight loss”, “papaya fragrance”, “negative ions” to “top ten beauty”, every time The launch of the concept has become a hot market. “Soft is a master at creating differentiation, and it applies the concept of health care product marketing to marketing communications. Differentiation strategies are the key reason for Soft’s rapid development.

From this point of view, cosmetics companies have a long way to go if they want to achieve rapid development. Combining wisdom and resources from multiple sources to stimulate consumers to purchase is the direction that cosmetics companies will strive for in the future.

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