Makeup Marketing Stratege

1.Marketing objectives/expected effects

Continue to use the price and quality advantages, cooperate with a series of promotions and methods, and increase the role of marketing and advertising. In order to reach the brand recognized by consumers, we will push other grades of products to open up the high and low markets. Make corporate profits continue to increase, and finally achieve a solid brand image.

2.Description of target market

1.Identify features

Target market: major cities in Liaoning Province

Liaoning Province is an important part of China’s Northeast Economic Zone and the Bohai Rim Economic Zone. The province has a total population of 43.15 million, accounting for approximately 32% of the country’s population. Due to the severe wind and sand disasters in Liaoning, from winter to spring is relatively long, the most popular functions in cosmetics mainly focus on cleaning, moisturizing, whitening, and moisturizing.

Especially Shenyang, Dalian, and Anshan, the total population of the three cities accounted for 38.8% of the total population of the province. As the central city of the Northeast, the sales of related cosmetics in these areas are very marketable. And in recent years, with the economic development and the improvement of residents’ consumption level, medium and high-end cosmetics have increasingly shown a prosperous sales situation.

And our brand fits the characteristics of this region. Since then, our task has been to focus on these three major urban markets, supplemented by network marketing, instilling in other cities. Intensify publicity and establish brand image.

2. Unique needs, attitudes and behaviors

(1) Consumers buying cosmetics are no longer constrained on the beauty of their appearance, but pay more attention to their utility value. Healthy, natural and green has become the pursuit of modern people, and xxxx precisely addresses this need of consumers.

(2) “Online and TV advertisements” have an absolute advantage, and “store advertisements” are closer to real consumption.

(3) At the initial stage of product development, brand loyalty is not high.

3.Description of marketing mix

1. Products/Services

Divided into different series of products such as liquid, lotion, gel, facial mask, powder, BB cream, multi-dimensional fruit and vegetable tablets. Comprehensive promotion of products in Liaoning Province.

(1) Logo creative description:

(2) Description of bottle label design:

2. Distribution

Strengthen in-depth distribution. There are 14 cities in the province, and all major cities are equipped with shopping malls, stores, supermarkets, etc. Meet the general living needs of urban residents. Since 2000, the number of business outlets in Liaoning Province has reached 1,219. This means that “convenience” is one of the considerations when people choose a shopping location, which means that the quality of in-depth distribution execution determines sales performance to a certain extent. It is planned to set up 300 commercial outlets in major cities this year. And the focus of work must be shifted to sales promotion.

In order to realize the in-depth distribution strategy and improve the efficiency of distribution, a flat channel strategy is adopted in the channel structure, and a model of “factory (branch) → agent → wholesale and retail → consumer” is adopted to establish a complete distribution system. At the same time, we set up specialty stores in major urban areas, and enter our products in major shopping malls, Watsons and other personal care stores, especially personal care stores, expand the special area, select a certain affinity and professional skin care personnel explain.

3. Pricing

In order to achieve the company’s goal of enhancing brand value, based on the advantage of less appearance of similar products in the market, we will adopt the original market price and adopt the target profit pricing method to ensure the profits of the company and the first-level agents.

4. Promotion

(1) Free promotion plan

Using Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year to give away free samples and try new products allows consumers to try them, eliminate their suspected psychological barriers, and reduce their consumption risks. And make it have a good impression of Dr. Li’s brand.

(2) Preferential promotion plan

Preferential promotions are used according to hot consumption periods such as Women’s Day, May Day, November, Christmas, Anniversary, and Seasonal Changes. This can directly drive the sales of the product, and the effect is ideal. Set as the strategy of buying 2 pieces of the original product at a time, discounting the second product, and enjoying the sample gift of the new product. The main purpose is to promote the sales of original products and the perfect impression of new products to achieve mutual promotion of sales.

(3) Advertising: Use public transportation and subway station advertising boards, wall advertisements, etc. to display promotional information and brand image; hang promotional banners, POP posters and DM single pages in convenience stores.

4.Market positioning analysis

Product positioning strategy recommendations: Emphasize “xxxx” plant ingredients, the product does not contain recognized allergens, has high safety, the formula is as simple as possible, does not contain pigments, fragrances, and surfactants. It is a real skin care product. Make the product image cordial and high-quality, highlighting the “compositionalism” characteristics of “Beautiful Jiafen” products. The price is reasonable.

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