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With the development of people’s economy, people are living a happy life. For consumption, people are beginning to pay more attention to more problems, especially female friends, to live delicately and beautifully. Therefore, the cosmetics industry has become a popular industry. If you want to open a cosmetics store, you must know how to purchase cosmetics. Then, what channels are there on the market? The following editor will teach you a few ways to find a suitable cosmetics manufacturer wholesaler.

  1. Wholesalers get the goods
    No matter which product is inseparable from the distributor, and it is the most straightforward thing to find a distributor for wholesale. Generally speaking, the wholesaler is in the local area, or not too far away from the local area. You can see a lot of stocks from the wholesaler. , It may also be some unknown small brands of cosmetics. It is difficult for first-line brands to get goods from wholesalers. For opening a small-cost cosmetics store, it is a good choice to go to a wholesaler to get the goods. Not only is the distance close, but the timely replenishment can also know the other party. On-site communication, you are not afraid of getting Sanwu products, and you are not afraid of fake products, but the price cannot get the lowest price.
  2. Online wholesale
    The advantage of online wholesale is that you can get an affordable price. The disadvantage is that the logistics is very slow. It usually takes 2-3 days to mail it. In addition, everyone knows that many photos are deceptive, and the pictures look very effective. Good, but who will know the actual effect? ​​The quality of online wholesale is also difficult to guarantee. Don’t think about it after sale. These risks are all online wholesales need to bear, but there are still reliable merchants on the Internet. Slowly find out.
  3. Get goods through franchise channels
    In addition to the cosmetics store alone, it can also take the form of franchising. When it comes to franchising, there are more franchised brands on the market. Each brand has its own characteristics, franchising conditions, corporate culture and operating principles. Turnip and greens have their own loves. First of all, it depends on which brand you are optimistic about, and then choose whether to join. After joining, the headquarters will provide professional training, shop decoration guidance, source distribution, marketing planning activities, these are all advantages. The bad thing is that a part of the franchise fee is required. If it is within the scope of your commitment, it can be considered.
  4. Vendor
    Since you feel that you have to find a wholesaler and you cannot get a suitable price, then go to the manufacturer and you will get a satisfactory price. However, it is difficult for the operator to get the goods from the manufacturer, because the operator does not get many products, too few for the manufacturer, it is impossible to wholesale it to you, so you need to use your expertise and the manufacturer to carry out Communication and negotiation will not be a problem if the negotiation is completed.
  5. Drop shipping
    In the era of e-commerce development, there are countless successful cases starting from zero inventory to millions of dollars a year. Resource sharing and drop shipping on online wholesale platforms have become the choice of more and more young entrepreneurs. Low cost, but high risk. The drop shipping market has a lot of moisture and it takes a lot of time to choose a product. But if the asset strength is not available or the supply resources are not many, drop shipping is the most suitable.
    How to buy cosmetics? The above are the five common channels recommended by the editor. In addition, you can also purchase products. This is a bit risky. Friends who are interested can try it.
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