The World’s Top Ten Well-Known Vendors For Makeup

As the saying goes, clever women cannot cook without rice. Without raw materials, we cannot make colorful cosmetics. If cosmetic manufacturers cooperate with well-known cosmetic raw materials suppliers, the effectiveness and stability of raw materials are ensured. It can be said that the raw material supplier is larger than the cosmetics processing manufacturer, and the scope of business development is also wider. Today we will take a look at the world’s top ten cosmetic raw material suppliers.

  1. BASF
    BASF first of all we want to talk about an industrial empire-BASF.
    Why use the word “empire” to define it? It is true that an upstream company with annual sales of 534.9 billion yuan is called an empire. At its peak, the world’s largest daily chemical company Procter & Gamble had annual sales of 510 billion yuan, while Bath’s annual sales reached 534.9 billion yuan, a fraction higher than P&G. However, only about 5% of the 534.9 billion yuan comes from the cosmetics raw material business, which is more than 25 billion yuan by calculation. As an upstream company, this is a pretty staggering figure. In the field of personal care, BASF’s products mainly include: surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, active ingredients, pigments and UV filters. BASF is also one of the leading sunscreen suppliers in China. In general, BASF almost occupies most of the global supply market for cosmetic raw materials. Half of the world’s cosmetic brands are its customers. BASF has a fairly good mix in China. Many well-known domestic companies such as Lafang Jahwa and Huanya Group are all customers. BASF’s cooperative customers; BASF itself had expected to achieve 12 billion euros (approximately 86.3 billion yuan) in sales in China by 2020, but the investment was slightly less, and the investment in China in 2014 only exceeded 1 billion euros (approximately 86.3 billion yuan). Total 7.198 billion yuan).
  2. Ashland
    Like BASF, Ashland from the United States is also one of the global top 500 companies. The company is formed by the merger of Specialty Products, an international specialty cosmetics company with a history of more than 160 years, and Ashland Across Dragon Functional Materials Division. Ashland’s 2015 fiscal year sales reached 5.408 billion U.S. dollars (approximately 34.4 billion yuan). Currently in China, Ashland has four wholly-owned production bases and two R&D centers, with nearly 700 employees. Ashland also has its own set of raw materials for personal care products, the most prominent of which are hair conditioners and preservatives. What is a hair conditioner? This is what is used in various hair gels, hair masks and other products to treat all kinds of hair problems such as thin, straight, wavy, and thick hair. However, in general, Ashland does not have too prominent features in the cosmetics raw material business, and the company’s business focus is not concentrated on the personal care business sector.
  3. Symrise
    Speaking of Dezhixin from Germany, you must be familiar with it. Its annual sales reach 15.077 billion RMB, making it one of the four largest flavors and fragrances companies in the world.
    In fact, Dezhixin’s business scope is not limited to flavors and fragrances. Dezhixin has also made great achievements in cosmetic raw materials. The most convincing thing is his whitening material Symwhite377 (Symwhite377), 2012 The raw material has become the mainstream whitening raw material in the Chinese market after being approved by the China Food and Drug Administration, and it is used in major whitening products at home and abroad. At the same time, Dezhixin occupies a leading position in the industry in terms of sunscreen, sensitive skin care, and antiseptic system replacement. As early as 1982, Dezhixin has entered the Chinese market; at present, international daily chemical giants including L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, as well as local cosmetics companies such as Shanghai Jahwa, Jialan, Han Shu, Huanya, Xiangyi Bencao, and Yunifang have all been Dezhixin’s long-term cooperation customers.
  4. Croda
    Croda from the United Kingdom is also a well-known chemical company. The company has a history of more than 80 years. Its main business covers personal care products, health care products, furniture care products, lubricants, textiles, electronics, oil fields, tobacco, and coatings. And other industries applicable to functional chemicals. Croda’s 2015 fiscal year sales reached 1.046 billion pounds (approximately 10.295 billion yuan). The company’s business covers 34 countries around the world. China is a very important business area of ​​Croda. Of the 1.046 billion pounds in sales of Croda, 369 million pounds (about 3.632 billion yuan) came from the personal care products business, which is also the largest business segment of Croda; There are more core technologies in cosmetic raw materials. Croda’s most representative technology is in surfactants. What is a surfactant? 20% of a bottle of shampoo is this stuff. Many well-known domestic shampoo manufacturers have business dealings with Croda.
  5. Dow Corning
    Dow Corning is also a raw material company from the United States. Founded in 1943, it is a joint venture company equally held by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning. In 2013, Dow Corning’s global sales reached US$5.71 billion (about 363.1 RMB). I didn’t make a lot of money, but I was willing to spend money in China. As early as 2005, it invested US$1 billion in China to build a production base. In the end, the total investment in the factory reached US$1.8 billion (approximately 14.45 billion yuan). Dow Corning At present, the amount of investment in China has exceeded more than half of the world’s. What factory was built? Silicone factory! Seeing silicon, we will soon be able to think of various related cosmetic raw materials, such as silica abrasives in medium and high-end toothpastes, and silicone oils in shampoos. In the original cosmetics business, Dow Corning mainly focuses on hair care products, shampoos, styling agents and hair fixatives, and is a leader in the field of silicone oils.
  6. DSM
    DSM from the Netherlands, whose full name is the Royal Dutch DSM Group, has a history of more than 110 years. His business involves food, cosmetics, health products, packaging materials, consumer electronics, automobiles, building materials, feed and many other industries. From another perspective, we can also find that most of the raw material manufacturers have a lot of “chaotic” business sectors, and they do not exclusively produce raw materials for cosmetics. For example, 70% of China’s Internet fibers use DSM’s coatings. DSM supplies about 50% of the world’s vitamins. It is found in Nokia’s mobile phones and Unilever Dove’s shower gel products. Man’s raw materials. DSM’s vitamin raw materials and sunscreen raw materials are more representative. Among them, Parsol IMCX sunscreen is the world’s most widely used anti-UVB chemical sunscreen. As early as 1963, DSM started trading with China. In 2014, DSM’s sales in the Chinese market reached US$2 billion. Of course, the US$2 billion (approximately RMB 12.718 billion) was not all from Cosmetic raw materials.
  7. Clariant
    Clariant has been providing raw material support for domestic and foreign detergents, textile auxiliaries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, coatings, food and other industries. In the personal consumer goods business, Claire’s raw materials are mainly used in cosmetics, skin care and hair care products, and baby products. Wet wipes, men’s care products (such as shaving cream) and other products. This company is not too young. It had an office in Shanghai as early as 1895. Sales in 2013 exceeded 6.08 billion Swiss francs (about 40.42 billion yuan). Familiar brands such as Jieba and Blue Moon have business cooperation with Clariant. At the same time, Clariant also has its own world in green cosmetics raw materials.
  8. Evonik Evonick
    The annual sales of Evonik from Germany are nearly 13 billion euros (approximately 93.5 billion yuan). As early as 2008, Evonik’s sales in China had reached 820 million euros (approximately 5.9 billion yuan). Chuang’s sales target in the Chinese market is 2 billion euros (approximately 14.4 billion yuan). At present, Evonik has nearly 18 companies and 15 production bases in China. In the personal care business, Evonik is most competitive in the area of ​​surfactants. In other words, you can find raw materials for shampoos and facial cleansers.
  9. Lubrisol
    Lubrizol is also a raw material supplier from the United States, founded in 1928, in 2014 global revenue reached more than 7 billion U.S. dollars (about 44.5 billion yuan). In June 2004, Noveon International, Inc. was acquired. The acquired company is involved in personal care, high-performance coatings and specialty polymer additives and ingredients. Lubrizol has also entered our daily chemical industry. Lubrizol’s main energy in the daily chemical industry is concentrated on surfactants and thickeners. Its raw materials are used in a series of skin care, hair care, shower, surface care and fabric care products. However, their main business is lubricating oil, you can tell by its name.
  10. Wacker
    The annual sales of WACKER from Germany reached 4.83 billion euros (about 34.75 billion yuan). Like DSM, WACKER also uses silicone oil most widely in daily chemicals. The main application is daily chemicals. The product is still a shampoo. I have seen so many cosmetic raw materials companies. Most of these companies come from Germany and the United States, and most of them are in Germany. This is probably because of the relatively early development of German industry. In the cosmetics raw material market in China, mainly raw material suppliers from Europe and the United States, among the top 10 raw material companies, BASF, Dezhixin, Clariant, and Evonik are the most competitive in China. On the other hand, most of the top 10 raw material companies have many aspects of the raw material business sector, not just limited to personal care products; at the same time, raw material manufacturers can have their own strengths, so we cannot use traditional sales To judge their rank or strength.
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