A New digital shopping tool——Barzzé Beauty

The new website, created by the founders of fashwire, is designed to allow emerging beauty brands to connect more deeply with their customers.
Fashwire, a fashion shopping market, has launched a new sister platform dedicated to beauty.
Barzz é beauty is said to be an affordable alternative to expensive retail partners designed to provide a one-stop shop for beauty shoppers to discover new brands and emerging trends.
Launched with Eyeko, Christophe, Robin, illamasqua and grow great, shoppers can use the "pinterest style" layout to personalize their beauty search, and the brand's technology will plan products to make it easier for consumers to use UX.
The platform also establishes closer ties between brands and their consumers through real-time feedback function.
In this way, consumers can get the feedback of the brand immediately, so that they can make more intelligent product development decisions without increasing the cost of the brand.
Users of barzz é can also use their social feed in the app or barzze.com Discuss products and beauty tips online.
"Our mission is to reshape the beauty industry by providing users with unique opportunities to discover new brands and trends, while providing important customer feedback to these brands," said Kimberly Carney, founder and CEO of fashwire
"Barzz é beauty is located at the intersection of beauty and technology, which provides valuable insights for building the next generation platform of beauty industry.
"User interaction is the main difference of barzz é beauty. Combining it with our carefully planned editing lens is the most desired solution for emerging brands and niche brands."

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