What does White Label Mean in Cosmetic?

Maybe people in front of the screen haven't noticed the white label cosmetic or makeup yet when looking for your target makeup offline, because they are usually your usual brand.


When you get into this article, I think you are about to being curious, when you understand, the next purchase you will pay more attention to whether it is a white label.


Without further, let's get straight into the theme, it will help you know more.


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Start with what is white label

White label products mean putting existing recipes into their own brand packaging. The formula belongs to the manufacturer, not the brands. They are ideal for some businesses. These businesses have the following double of characteristics:

1. Small business (not retailers, not ambitious startups)
2. I hope the brand products can be sold well
3. There is no intention to create a personal recipe

If you meet the above 3 requirements, then you are perfect to choose this way to build your product.


An example helps know better

Take the makeup company, for example. They want their own makeup products that can be sold to customers to promote their brand and expand their makeup product offerings.


Cooperating with white label cosmetics ltd, they can choose their favorite products from the makeup category they want. Select the required dimensions and mention, and provide some of your original product label design drafts. Do you better understand white label makeup? Okay, now let's learn more about its bonus.


Benefits of white label cosmetics

  • Purchase speed is fast
  • MOQ with low requirements
  • Save the time and cost on the recipe
  • Large exterior custom space

How to buy white standard cosmetics

Here are some simple steps to help you.


Step 1 Target your needs

What cosmetics are you need, quantity, volume, size, and budget?

Step 2 Meets the special requirements

If you are looking for UK / US-made, vegan and some other statements that benefit your products, your manufacturer needs to meet these requirements.


Step 3 Contrast the sample

You have put these qualified manufacturers on your list and started to ask for samples to compare their product quality, price, and choose the best price-effective one to become your manufacturer.


These steps mentioned above help you find your white label cosmetics company/manufacturer. MS is one such company, our models make a lot of bloggers, influencers, and makeup artists built their own brand. Please contact us if you need it.




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