Private Label or White Label, Which is Better for Skin Care Products?

Are you torn between private label skincare products or a white label? If you have seen our previous post, you may know the means of white label product, you should have a clear judgment. Of course, we will also be briefly introduced below, ok, let's get started now.

What is its private label of skincare products?

Formulations for self-branded skincare products are unique and developed by their experts. Your recipe requirements and product appearance can be greatly met. The formula of white standard products is shared by many companies, the formula belongs to the production, the brand only has the right to design the outer packaging.


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If you plan to make your own skincare products to the market, this is a good choice. Many retailers and brands have chosen the model. In addition to skin care products, you know we just take it as an example.


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Which companies are suitable for working with private label manufacturers

  • The above-mentioned promotion to the market
  • Want to understand the functionality and features of the product
  • There is no expertise in the process of making products and machine equipment


Private label VS white label

Private label pros

  • Unique product
  • Product features can be customizable
  • Formulation with the product
  • It is easier to adjust the product formula
  • Unique products can be sold to other retailers


Private label cons

  • Longer product cycle
  • Higher starting cost
  • Higher starting quantity

White label pros

  • Faster purchasing
  • Smaller MOQ
  • No development cost
  • Free design of the outer packaging

White label cons

  • The product aroma and function cannot be selected
  • Not so much as being unique
  • Replacing the partner producers is very difficult

In addition, they have varied suitable groups:

White label
  • Small businesses inbrands on budget
  • Just want to promote the brand

Private brand
  • Ambitive startups
  • Stockist
  • Established brand


How to find a private label manufacturer?


Experienced and highly skilled personnel are able to bring you control of product features, and our team ensures your product manufacturing and packaging design.


Equipment and facilities

If you place the outer packaging in a very important position, we have various types of printing techniques for your option, including 3D printing, stamping printing, screen printing etc, bringing hope for your limited initial investment.

Visit them

This is the most important step in meeting and communicating with the entire team, listening to their ideas and suggestions, and having them take you around the facility that you can check at this time, which has a great impact on the efficiency and cost of producing your product.

At MS, we always open our door to our customers to introduce the product production process, and let you meet with the formula chemist, etc.

Final words

We are private label skincare manufacturers for Florid, The United States, Dubai, etc., and you can find our private label skin care no minimum order. If you have private label skin care products you want to discuss with us, we would like to listen. 

We can custom anything! If you have any special requirements, pls feel free to send us inquiry! You will get a best offer when order more than 100 pcs,
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