Chanel Invests in AI Through Its First Try on Beauty App

Lipcanner is the brand's global initiative, pairing color inspiration with more than 400 lip products from French luxury brands.

Lipscanner is a world-first for the brand and pairs colour inspiration with more than 400 lip products from the luxury French brand

Chanel, a French luxury brand, has invested in beauty fitting tools, the brand's first in the world.
The internal application is called Lipscanner, which allows users to scan the color of social media, magazines or clothing. Chanel (Chanel) matches it with the nearest color in the 400 lipstick series of the brand.
If users get color inspiration from another face, lipcanner's artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to recognize textures from frosted to glossy products and match them with one of the brand's closest products.
Consumers can also use the "pick up" function to pair lipstick with clothing and accessories.
Based on the photos taken in the camera film of the application or the consumer, the algorithm can also analyze the shadow of two or three most suitable Chanel lipstick matching clothing.
After identifying the color, users can try the product in the app and send pictures or share them on social media.
In collaboration with CX lab, the project took months to develop and has launched online shopping at its peak.
AI tools are becoming more and more popular among the largest companies in the field because of the popularity of covid-19 and the closure of all UK physical stores.
Through a fierce deal with search giant Google, l'or é al has improved its AI capabilities by allowing customers to immediately try products online through any advertising in its brand portfolio.
Maybelline and Lancome owners' YouTube channels also offer the technology.
Meanwhile, social media platform Pinterest expanded its trial function last month, including eye shadow, which is an extension of its lipstick trying tool.

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