Eight Nail Polish Tips to Make Your Nail Last Longer

Today, a lot of girls like to do nail polish. However, many of them don't know how to do it correctly. Then, What steps should we pay attention to in order to do a good manicure? Now let's have a look.


Good Preparatory Work


If you want to keep the manicure for a longer time, you should abandon the old method at first, and start with our new method. You should wash hands with soap without lanolin and warm water, dry them with a towel, and then wipe off the grease and hand washing residues that can cause nail polish peeling with fiber-free makeup cloth (without hair loss).


Handle Dry Skin on The Edge of Nail


Before nail polish is applied, we need to handle the dry skin of nail nail edge. Do not apply nail polish to the dry skin. If the nail polish is applied to it, nail polish will flow into the gap between the fingernail, and the nail polish will start to peel off.


Keep The Nail Surface Clean


Before applying nail polish, we must keep the nail clean and completely remove the oil and moisture from the nails. If the nail has oil and water, it is not easy to fit the nail tightly when applying nail polish, which is also one of the reasons why the nail polish is easy to peel off.


Shake Nail Polish Before Using It


Shake the nail polish bottle first to make the nail polish moderately thick, and dip an appropriate amount of nail polish with a nail polish brush. Note: don't dip too much. It will be difficult to master when applying, and too much nail polish at one time will make the colored nails look thick, it's not good. Here is a little trick: lift the nail polish brush until the nail polish does not drip into the bottle.


Thin Nail Polish


When applying nail polish, you must avoid applying too much and too thick. Once the nail polish dries too slowly, the solvent in it is not easy to volatilize quickly, which will make nail surface not smooth enough. If you dislike that too thin nail polish, you can apply several more layers, but ensure that each layer is light enough to achieve gorgeous color.


Nail Brush Should Not Be Hard Pressed


When nail polish is applied, we should not brush the nail polish flat on the nail. This will easily lead to the uneven appearance of nail polish. The right way to smear nail polish is to gently brush the nail polish brush over the nail surface and gently rub it on.


Top Coat Is Necessary


Within three days after the enhancement, apply a layer of top coat, which can increase the brightness and make the enhancement look new without softening the enhancement. If possible, apply a layer of top coat every three days. In this way, it is basically not difficult to maintain the manicure for 2 weeks.


Timely Remedy


When the nail starts to fall, it should be remedied in time. It is recommended to gently rub scratches and cracks with a polishing file, and then apply a thin layer of the same nail polish to the whole nail. Wait for it to dry for 1-2 minutes, and then cover it with a layer of quick drying bright oil. You can also cover it with a layer of nail polish of the same color, so that your nail will take on a new look.


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