How To Choose The Right Skin Care Products?

In order to become beautiful, makeup has become the preferred "must-have skill", but makeup cannot fundamentally solve skin problems. Only skin care products can solve this problem eventually.


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However, skin care products with various effects, brands and prices on the market are overwhelming. Most of the "people with difficulty in choosing" who have no professional skin care knowledge will only follow the trend and can't tell which cosmetics are suitable for them.


When it comes to how to choose skin care products, everyone will definitely have such doubts:


What is the difference between that skin care products coming from big companies and skin care products produced by unknown companies?


Will the effect of skin care products manufactured by famous cosmetics companies really far exceed that of cheap skin care products?


There are a sea of skin care products, how to choose one that suits you?


So, let's talk about how to choose the right skin care products. What's the difference between cheap skin care products and brand skin care products?


Have you really selected the right skin care products?


If you want to make good use of skin care products, you must first understand your skin type and skin problems. Different components of skin care products can solve different skin problems, and then you can choose the most suitable skin care products.


Repair skin barrier, sensitive skin "savior"


For example, excessive cleaning, unsuitable skin care ingredients, and other inappropriate skin care methods can easily lead to skin barrier damage. Thus healthy and normal skin turn to sensitive skin.


Therefore, in the choice of skin care products, the components that can repair the skin are particularly important, and the physiological components that simulate the normal skin can be selected as much as possible.


Components of repairing skin barrier


Schizomyces cerevisiae can promote keratinocyte metabolism and regeneration of natural moisturizing factors in epidermal cells, and strengthen barriers;


Squalane has a similar chemical structure to squalene, a natural moisturizing factor in skin, which can better penetrate the skin;


Ceramide is an important component of intercellular liposome, which can enhance the thickness and elasticity of stratum corneum.


Moisturize and lock water for dry skin


For people with dry skin, giving skin "full water" is more important than makeup skills.


Therefore, in choosing skin care products, the ingredients that can moisturize the skin are particularly important, and it is necessary to improve the skin's ability to lock water.


Components of moisturizing and water locking


Macromolecular hyaluronic acid can help the skin surface lock water, while small molecular hyaluronic acid can better penetrate into the stratum corneum;


Biological polysaccharide mainly achieves moisturizing effect by blocking water loss on skin surface;


Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, can be further converted into coenzyme A after being absorbed by skin, which can promote lipid synthesis in stratum corneum, thus improving skin's ability to lock water.


If you want to choose the right skin care products, these four points are very important.


Step 1: Look at the ingredients


The total ingredients of skin care products is generally marked on the label, including all the raw materials of the product formula. So you can check whether there are unfriendly ingredients or useful ingredients for you in advance.


Step 2: Check the comments


If you are going to invest skin care products made in a brand, you can search the comments on the Internet or directly review the comments of the online shops if the brand has its online shop. Only high-quality, effective products can withstand the consumers tests.  


Step 3: Look at the brand


Skin care products are dazzling, so it is suggested that you give priority to brand products with high cost performance when purchasing products. It is not to say that all of the brand skin care products perform better than unknown brand, but there are many unscrupulous skin care products manufacturers who produce a lot of inferior-quality products to obtain a windfall by lowering the producing costs.


Step 4: Look at the list


After knowing the ingredients and dosage forms, you will have the general direction of choosing skin care products. At this time, you can refer to the list of skin care products for further selection.


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