Vegan Cosmetic: Basic Information You Should Know

Cosmetics are must-have daily necessities for every girl. A delicate makeup look is inseparable from the help of eyebrow pencil, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer and liquid foundation, and it will also increase our charm and improve our self-confidence to a certain extent. In other words, we know something about them. But, have you ever heard of vegan makeup?


In the past, vegetarians only don’t need to eat meat and wear fur. Nowadays, to become a qualified or even excellent vegetarian, there is a higher requirement, that is, vegan cosmetics should be used.



What are vegan cosmetics?


At present, some cosmetics on the market use ingredients extracted from animals as raw materials to enhance the use effect of products. For example, the easily absorbed squalane in sunscreen is extracted from the liver of sharks; the pigment carmine in lipstick comes from cochineal bugs on cacti. In addition, ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, allantoin, pearl powder, animal fatty acids, snail stock solution and ambergris, which are widely used in the field of beauty, are closely related to animals.


Conversely, vegan cosmetics are those that are formulated without any ingredients of animal origin. Vegan beauty follows the rise of veganism. For cosmetics and skin care products, this vegan product formula cannot even contain some naturally derived ingredients, such as honey, beeswax, etc. - although these are not cruelly deprived of animals.


Similar to vegan makeup is cruelty-free makeup.


"Cruelty-free" cosmetics means that products are not tested on animals during the research and development process, and the certification of "cruelty-free" is generally marked by rabbits.


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What are the trends in vegan cosmetics?


In recent years, more and more brands have joined the ranks of vegetarian beauty, and vegetarianism has become a global trend. From the European Union to the United Kingdom, New Zealand and many other countries and regions, animal testing of cosmetics has been banned one by one.


Australia has also banned the sale of beauty products that have been tested on animals since July 2017. Although the United States has not yet defined "vegetarian beauty", many local brands in the United States have made it clear that animal experiments are absolutely not advisable.


What are the common cosmetic animal ingredients? How to avoid it?


The following list contains ingredients that should be avoided in products intended for strictly vegan consumers:


  • Honey


  • Beeswax, yellow beeswax, white beeswax


  • Lactic acid


  • Carmine or cochineal: carmine is a colorant obtained from cochineal insects


  • Chitin or chitosan: organic matter obtained from the shells of insects and crustaceans


  • Schirak: lac hard resin from insects of the genus Shellac


In fact, there has been no evidence that animal ingredients are better in any way, and healthy vegetarian alternatives do exist. However, a term like "vegan beauty", which some would think is synonymous with "vegetable beauty," can also be misleading. It conjures up the benign image of greenery, which in turn conjures up health, but it isn't.


For example: French fries are vegan, but it's not healthy, and so are cosmetics. Just because it's vegan and cruelty-free doesn't mean it's healthy. Its ingredients may be full of unhealthy chemicals and fillers.


Vegan cosmetics are now advertised as being "cruelty-free" for animal elements, meaning that products are tested to be free of any animal ingredients. Because of its emphasis on being animal-friendly, vegan cosmetics are gaining attention from animal advocates and millennials who are concerned about safety, health, and the environment. Vegan cosmetics include vegan skin care products, vegan makeup, vegan washes, vegan fragrances, vegan nail polishes, and more. 


In conclusion


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